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2013 Highlights

  • got my driving license
  • made new friends
  • bought a lot of make up
  • muaddict is one of my fav tumblrs 
  • learned what patience really is
  • got good and bad results in a year
  • shawlbyvsnow is my fav online shop 
  • my eyesight are getting worse
  • cooked good foods
  • NARS is finally in Malaysia
  • lost in sephora singapore lol
  • bbw in johore
  • the heirs was so amazing
  • gary kissed ji hyo omg
  • mocha is my happiness
  • foundation in science, uitm puncak alam
  • overly attached with big bang
  • homesick, went back home twice a month
thank you 2013, such a wonderful year. Goodbye 


Subhan'Allah. Indeed, Allah's creations are so beautiful.


@ ION Orchard, I saw the longest escalator I've ever seen in my whole life and gave it a try omg so cool padahal the escalator mcm skip one level je hahahaha jakunnya aku yang lain semua relax je lol

She kept touching those jewelleries and the saleslady was like, wanna try

I was looking for Ji Hyo's face around the Benefit counter tapi takde

My parents promised me the berry street alissa from kate spade, thank you mak & abah!!

@ Vans. I saw the most gorgeous high cut shoes tapi takde size cry


Thank you mak and abah. Tengok mak & abah senyum and happy time dpt tau result pun dah meant the whole world to me. 

Hard work will never betray you


First of all, I thank Allah for the wonderful SPM result. Alhamdulillah, I couldnt ask for more. Syukur sangat-sangat. People around me saw me playing around, online everyday, kerja tgk online shops je hahahaha tp rezeki Allah sangat-sangat luas. Alhamdulillah, terima kasih Ya Allah.

Second, of course, my lovely parents and family. Mak & abah encouraged me a lot to study well, be a good servant of Allah, jd anak solehah. Terima kasih sgt sgt. Also to my siblings, my grandparents, my aunts and uncles, cousins yg always gave me supportive words regardless how messed up my results before this used to be.

Then, to my teachers and friends.Thank you so much to all of you. Teachers that always gave me non-stop guidances and prayers throughout last hectic year. Only Allah can repay all of your good deeds. My friends who have always been with me through thick and thin taught me things I didnt know, thank you so much. I pray for your success.

Last but not least, to my own enemy/best friend, my dear self. Thanks for all the sacrifices, the endurances, the early in the morning study although it always lasts for 15 minutes (I woke up at 4 am to revise and went back to sleep at 4.15 am lol). Just, thank you dear self.