Skincare Staples #01

My skincare products have revamped this year. I opted for cheaper products, comparing between the dupes and also, saved a lot!

I learned that cleanser didnt have to be so expensive, as it always leaves the skin with some makeup residues. Also, I chose to buy a toner for better skincare routine. Here are few skincare items I've been using few days ago (the cleanser) and some are months back.

1. St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub, RM19.90
After my Lancome face scrub finished its last content, I was a bit stressed out. I dont want to spend too much on scrub, it cant be used daily. So, I asked for some opinions and a lot of them said I should try St Ives Scrub. I know it is quite popular, St Ives even won Allure right? I am sold! 

2. The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam, RM42
This cleanser was an impulse purchase. I wanted to buy the spot corrector for my brother and I remembered I ran out of cleanser (last time was Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, that one was very expensive I must say!). Used it a few days and it's a so-so product. It actually feels like NanoWhite cleanser.

3. Biotherm Aquasource Instant Hydrating Toning Lotion, RM99
The last time I used a toner was probably 4 years ago, it was Clinique Clarifying Lotion Twice A Day Exfoliator 2. I cant seem to remember how I experienced it actually, but I guess it did nothing significant, so I stopped using it. This toner is like my skin saver! It really did wipe away ALL the dirts that cleanser slips. You can see yellowish-brown dirt on cotton pads! I highly recommend this for dry combination to normal skin type.

4. Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream, RM116
I've been wanting to try this moisturizer ever since I tried the sample. It is so lightweight and absorbs into my skin instantly! It feels great, doesnt leave my skin feeling oily and gives me enough hydration. I really like the almost no scent (as per usual of Kiehl's products) of the moisturizer. 

*El Nino is no joke! So drink a lot of water everyone!

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Little Life Updates


Hi everyone! Wow, it's been so long since my last post. Well, you know life happens (ceh!). I was so busy coping with the new module, and the exam was, 6 hours ago. How was it? I honestly don't know. Tbh, they were easy, but my memory consolidation went for a break because I slept for only what, 2 hours I guess? Blame the coffee which I ACCIDENTALLY drank ugh!

On a bright side, the exam was over right? Next module is Respiratory System (RS). Same 6 weeks module, with lots of self study. I believe they can actually cut it into 4 weeks though.

I received my duckscarves today, bought the light green square kaleidoscope. I felt guilty actually spending RM220 on A SCARF. I kept telling myself, it's okay if you dont like it you can sell it back hahaha! Cause believe me, they even argue on duckscarves instagram because of the limited pieces and stuffs. So, do I like my new duck? Hm, I like it, but the material is a bit, off? I imagined a heavy, more opaque satin but it ended up looking like a cheap material? It's easy to style but, the ONLY downside is the material. Other than that, the colours are as expected. Oh except that it's beige not light pink on the scarf. Rating; 7/10 (THE MATERIAL UGH)

I am currently feeling so homesick! I want to go home, and just the thought of it makes me happy. See how desperate I am! I need my parents so bad. Yes I can call them but, I wanna hug them! *cries a river*

My new makeup item is *drumroll* the Banila Co. It Radiant CC Cushion! Yes, I repurchased it. I really love how it makes my skin glowing even though I didnt drink 2L plain water everyday.

Ugh always ended up writing an essay rather than 'little'!

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Sister Bonding Time


Hi everyone. Yesterday, my sister and I had a wonderful quality time together. We went for coffee hop at JWC The Factory 30 located at Mount Austin. How was the coffee? So good! I drank my usual, mocha. We also tried the blueberry cheesecake and it was nice too. I am so satisfied with the foods, services and also the spacious parkings!

Hijab from Tudung People
Top from H&M
Jeans from Dorothy Perkins
Shoes from Nike
Bag from Longchamp

We headed to MAC after that to buy the Velvet Teddy and thank god they have it! Due to high demand, they only have few Velvet Teddy left and sold out almost everywhere nationwide (online too). I also bought the Runway Hit because it is too pretty hehe InsyaAllah more reviews to come.

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