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Review: NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Biscayne Park


Where To Buy: NARS Pavilion

Price: RM90

Nett Weight: 2.2g

Finish: Soft Sheen Finish

Line: Permanent

What It Claims: Satin Lip Pencil dresses up lips in statement shades that seduce with rich, color-bright pigments while drenching them in decadent moisture. A modern, long-wearing, vitamin-enriched formula in a jumbo pencil format to provide great wear and intense color with a satin finish. Use for lining, all-over lip color, or pairing with another lip product. High-impact intense color. Convenient, easy and precise application.

My review: When it comes to lipstick, I always find the one with matte finish as it gives more comfort on my lips. I must say that this is actually my first ever soft sheen finish lipstick. It comes with a cap and needs to be sharpened manually (yes, the other end cannot be twisted or clicked). Having a dry chapped lips since forever, I was feeling a lil bit scared to apply it as it has a potential to make my chapped lips looks horrible. But I was so wrong! It glides off smoothly and slightly silky. The colour that comes out is just so amazing. I always applied more than two times at the chapped areas as it can be covered with the creamy formula of the lipstick. The longevity for the colour to stay put however didnt impress me. But for four hours after application sounds just, okay. The lip pencil is mildly moisturizing and seriously cannot beat the Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colour range. The Biscayne Park (named after a beautiful national park in the US) shade gives this pink guava colour which is in between of nude pink and coral. Wear it with smokey eyes makeup, you'll definitely look gorgeous!

Love It or Leave It: Love it!

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Upcoming D Life

  • August 12th, 2014; 
Okay, I must admit that I was so clueless as I didnt know where on earth is Unisza. So yeah, hello Terengganu! (OMG PLS PRAY FOR ME IM GONNA NEED IT IN MED SCHOOL *drama queen alert*) 

Despite all my negative thoughts, Allah has granted me this. Alhamdulillah. I was even planning to give up on medic and chose engineering instead (even though I suck in physics but duh whatever). But look, ya Allah. 

While I was impatiently waiting for UPU results to come out that day, the thoughts that came through my mind were; banyak lagi budak 4flat, they deserve it / Kalau tak dapat upu, kena masuk ipts, mahal... / medic macam ramai sangat je yang pilih, mesti dah takde tempat and bla bla bla.

I got AAA- (3.89) for my UPU results which is Alhamdulillah, okay la kan. But being ungrateful me, I kept on ranting about it like after exams I be like, I couldve done better and so on. Haih, I need to stop being like that (even I am annoyed with myself). 

May Allah SWT bless this new journey of mine. Amin. 

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Review: Melvita Floral Bouquet Gentle Cleansing Jelly


Where To Buy: MELVITA Mid Valley Megamall, MELVITA 1 Utama or [here]

Price: RM107

Line: Permanent

What It Claims: Enriched with active ingredients of Rose, Orange Blossom and Narcissus, this lightly foaming gel gently eliminates impurities and removes make-up. It transforms into a fresh, delicate foam that leaves skin clean and soft, enveloped in freshness and protection.

My review: After I finished my second bottle of Clinique Liquid Facial Soap, I know I need to replace it with something cheaper. Not more than RM85. But my determination got blown away by strong wind (lol hyperbole) when I first saw organic skincare named Melvita. Back in 2012, I tried the best-seller moisturizer from Clinique called Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel (DDMG). But you know what's more dramatic? Tiny bumps appeared on my skin after using it! I freaked out and I cant seem to 'destroy' them from my face. I was so hopeless though. Not only that, the Clinique DDMG also made my face so dry I swear I was so scared to even look at the mirror. Okay this is far more dramatic lol. But then, in early July, I decided to give this Melvita a shot. After a few weeks of using it, the tiny bumps started to disappear. Slowly. I was so happy! It did clear up most of the tiny bumps (or clogged pores or maybe keratosis pilaris). Not to mention its floral scent, ah! I use two pump of it for every cleansing session and it covers my face and neck. You wont get any over-pump of it as you only need to press it twice until the pump reaches its limit. So, to sum it up, it did what it claims. Yes, it did leaves my skin clean and soft. I highly recommend this to organic skincare lovers out there. It's a bit pricey for a cleanser, but definitely worth every penny!

Love It or Leave It: Love it!

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August Already?


Did I really see Wed Aug 6 on the top bar of my laptop? Heh I really need to be extra careful as I have important dates to remember this month (my parents' birthdays). But mum's birthday was few days ago. We managed to buy a cake for her. Not we, my cousins did. Bad me!!

How was Eid so far? Mine was pretty much the same every year. We did the same routine on the first day of Raya, and non-stop visiting from relatives and friends. 

(Thanks for coming hehe)

I basically cannot wear nice and fancy clothes during this Raya season because believe me, I will end up washing dishes or running errands or preparing the table. Of course, I refused to take pictures! I don't want to look like someone who just got out from the kitchen after frying almost 16 chickens (ops, sounds so me!). Maybe mums just cant see their daughters leisurely eating kuih raya in front of the tv kan? They will surely ask us for help. But that's a good thing. You don't want to end up being a wife that only knows how to cook/make instant noodles, no?

PS; Reviews coming up!