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  • August 12th, 2014; 
Okay, I must admit that I was so clueless as I didnt know where on earth is Unisza. So yeah, hello Terengganu! (OMG PLS PRAY FOR ME IM GONNA NEED IT IN MED SCHOOL *drama queen alert*) 

Despite all my negative thoughts, Allah has granted me this. Alhamdulillah. I was even planning to give up on medic and chose engineering instead (even though I suck in physics but duh whatever). But look, ya Allah. 

While I was impatiently waiting for UPU results to come out that day, the thoughts that came through my mind were; banyak lagi budak 4flat, they deserve it / Kalau tak dapat upu, kena masuk ipts, mahal... / medic macam ramai sangat je yang pilih, mesti dah takde tempat and bla bla bla.

I got AAA- (3.89) for my UPU results which is Alhamdulillah, okay la kan. But being ungrateful me, I kept on ranting about it like after exams I be like, I couldve done better and so on. Haih, I need to stop being like that (even I am annoyed with myself). 

May Allah SWT bless this new journey of mine. Amin. 

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