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2014 Highlights


Happy new year everyone! Although it's a bit late, but better late than never right? May Allah SWT always showers us all with His blessings, Amin. 

2014 was full of surprises. Each month of 2014 got its own story. I think that 2014 was the year I've started to become more, mature? Hahaha whatever anyway lets talk about the highlights of 2014 featuring my edition, shall we?
  • finished my foundation in PALAM
  • got full marks for Physics test, God knows how happy I was this time though
  • year of makeup and shoes 
  • I spent RM200++ for a LoracPro Palette. Worth every penny 
  • bought my first ever 'girly' shoes --it's a wedges by the way
  • Sephora in Johore yes finally 
  • Did a lot of cafe hopping, yippie!
  • Cooked a lot this year 
  • This year I really made a lot of new friends
  • JHB to KUL KUL to JHB KUL to TGG tons of time, alone.
  • MAS is the best airline ever, will always be my favourite
  • celebrated my birthday far away from my family, glad I have loving friends here
  • joined rowing and loving it!
  • NAYLAA from TP are da bomb
Well actually, there are tons of others,  but I dont feel like they are the 'highlights'. Anyway, I am so thankful for all the opportunities that Allah has given to me, directly and indirectly.