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Sister Bonding Time


Hi everyone. Yesterday, my sister and I had a wonderful quality time together. We went for coffee hop at JWC The Factory 30 located at Mount Austin. How was the coffee? So good! I drank my usual, mocha. We also tried the blueberry cheesecake and it was nice too. I am so satisfied with the foods, services and also the spacious parkings!

Hijab from Tudung People
Top from H&M
Jeans from Dorothy Perkins
Shoes from Nike
Bag from Longchamp

We headed to MAC after that to buy the Velvet Teddy and thank god they have it! Due to high demand, they only have few Velvet Teddy left and sold out almost everywhere nationwide (online too). I also bought the Runway Hit because it is too pretty hehe InsyaAllah more reviews to come.

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One Day Singapore Trip


Hi everyone! So the title gives you the hint about today’s post. My usual one day Singapore trip with family is by car but last Wednesday, my friends and I decided to be ‘independent’ -we travelled by bus (and train).

Our journey starts from Kota Tinggi to Jb Sentral. The bus ride was around 1 1/2 hour. Upon arriving Jb Sentral, we searched for SBS 170 bus (Woodlands) but the only Singapore bus that we can find was SBS 160 which is Jurong East bus. We just rode it without hesitation because we need to be in Singapore as early as possible.

Then from Jb Sentral towards Woodlands Checkpoint, it took us around 30 minutes before we reached Malaysia’s immigration checkpoint (But you can just walk from Jb Sentral to the immigration). Oh my god I cannot feel my legs that time due to long (10 minutes) walk hahaha! Then after we passed there, we took the SBS bus (any SBS bus will do as long as you showed your previous SBS ticket) to cross Selat Tebrau to reach Singapore’s checkpoint. Then again, walk! After we passed the checkpoint, we took SBS bus to Kranji. It was around 20 minutes from Woodland Checkpoint to Kranji.

Upon reaching Kranji, we bought our MRT ticket to our destination -Orchard. It was $2.80 per ticket. From Kranji to Orhard via MRT was about 37 minutes. It didn’t feel that long as we talked non-stop!

Of course we need to take a picture of these!
If the train ride was 1 hour, all of us would look like mad housewives (Read: Messy)
Orchard Road was our first destination. I bought Lush lip scrub because the ol’ Fresh is reaching its expiry date soon. Then Laduree macaroon and Garrett popcorn for my sisters. Not much as this is not family trip meh.
Look at all these babies, so adorable!

The I-need-to-look-tired face
Then we went to Arab Street (actually we went back to Orchard Road right after that). Ah this place is a must visit -souvenir, cheap instax film, cheap shades you name it! We had our lunch at Pariaman, as recommended by the locals, their specialty is Nasi Padang. Can’t deny, it was good. We found a lot of cool shops, you know the minimalist style, I love it! I really love The General Store because the interior was drop dead gorgeous! We dropped by at Fika, a Swedish coffee shop nearby because it was scorching hot 3pm! After that we walked to few fabric shops because mom asked me to. Obedient daughter alert~

But I’m so impressed with how creative the sales assistant match the fabrics like you should be a designer or something though.
Lunch at Pariaman as suggested by the locals

Coffee hop @ Fika. Love the ambiance there.

Inside Fika

Eyebags from Celine hiuhiu 

I looked like a nerd (need to bend the legs like the girls Iffah!)
After tired of walking, we decided to go back to Orchard Road by taxi. It was around $10 from Arab Street to Orchard Road. Then we just walked around until 8pm. At 8.30pm we catch a train to Kranji and headed home. I reached home around 12am.
Syira taught me how to control my shopping lust by finding my inner peace (IN FRONT OF SEPHORA GURL!)
It was a tiring day but I had fun with my little group of best friends!

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