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2013 Highlights

  • got my driving license
  • made new friends
  • bought a lot of make up
  • muaddict is one of my fav tumblrs 
  • learned what patience really is
  • got good and bad results in a year
  • shawlbyvsnow is my fav online shop 
  • my eyesight are getting worse
  • cooked good foods
  • NARS is finally in Malaysia
  • lost in sephora singapore lol
  • bbw in johore
  • the heirs was so amazing
  • gary kissed ji hyo omg
  • mocha is my happiness
  • foundation in science, uitm puncak alam
  • overly attached with big bang
  • homesick, went back home twice a month
thank you 2013, such a wonderful year. Goodbye