Three Months and NARS


Hello everyone! Alhamdulillah, I finally have time to post something after a while. Life has been so busy lately. I am now in Module 3 which is Body Responses & Mechanisms of Disease, basically covering all those bacterias, fungi, parasites and stuffs. Yes, they're already crawling on my body!

During my midsem break, the FAQ by almost everyone was; Best tak Terengganu? My answer was: Best sangat! Alhamdulillah, I feel so warm and contented here. Everyone treats each other like siblings. My hostel is 10 minutes away from Pantai Batu Buruk (suddenly a reform shopaholic hahaha) and I swear the view is so breathtaking. 

As I am typing right now, it is still raining outside there. God knows how much I love this weather hehe. 

My new toys, yay! The MUA was so helpful, he applied everything on my skin, for free and lots of helpful tips, kudos to him!

Will do reviews about them, InsyaAllah. 

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